The Beach DC

For the past couple of years or so, the National Building Museum puts on some big, really fun exhibit during the summer. Last year, it was a giant maze that was a blast to go through. This year, they built a giant ball pit called The Beach DC where everyone can pretend they are five years old again. On Wednesdays, it is open late, and at that time it is also a happy hour, a thing that DC does really well. The Beach DC is the best people watching. Watching men and women in business outfits play in a ball pit is quite frankly really entertaining. Watching adults create “ball storms” is also hilarious.

Also, I went in a couple of times, and I now want to study the physics of trying to move through a giant ball pit. There is serious friction and other forces trying to stop your movement. I seriously have started trying to consider the forces. The balls all have friction against each other and you.


Yes, he was throwing the ball at me I am sure. Yes, he did hit me. A couple of times.


This guy even came prepared with swimming goggles.


This staff member had moves.


Sunset light was amazing


Taking a selfie in a ball pit with a DSLR


I got to give this dad credit. He threw his two sons into the ball pit for at least a half hour. His sons were having so much fun.


Baby was really not sure about this ball pit thing.

Yes, someone helped her out of there.


Happy kids everywhere


Guy having a very serious discussion with a woman while he wore an inflatable toucan life preserver. Enough said.


Dude was having so much fun playing with the balls.

Finally a 45 second slide show of still photos of people playing in the ball pit.

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