Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore

This afternoon was spent in the Black Hills. I first visited the Crazy Horse memorial being built. The scale of it is amazing. I spotted it from the road, and I was in awe. They are carving a sculpture out of an entire hill of rock. Only the face is complete thus far, but the work is impressive, and it is interesting to watch it being carved.

Crazy Horse and the model from which the hill is being carved

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse

Next I visited Mount Rushmore National Memorial. I have to say, after visiting Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore was slightly underwhelming. The carving is really impressive, especially considering when it was all done without some of our modern day tools. However compared to Crazy Horse, it is kind of small. Calling Mt. Rushmore small is ridiculous, but in comparison, it is.

Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore and the plaza walk to it

Mt. Rushmore, profile of George Washington can be seen from road