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So who is Geeky Girl Engineer? I am a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (with areas of special interest in civil engineering and geological engineering), Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science and Engineering. I am also a Licensed Professional Engineer. Prior to going back to school for my Ph.D., I worked in water and wastewater engineering and on environmental site assessments. I then worked for a state agency in air permits and hazardous waste permits. For my Ph.D., I worked with urinary biomarkers. In other words, I analyzed human urine for several years. I now work in human health risk assessments for hazardous waste sites. In summary, my career has been about hazardous waste and human waste. It’s questionable whether or not I am capable of polite dinner conversation.

I spend a lot of my free time renovating my house. I am a bit of a serial renovator. I have owned and lived in three houses. I have renovated all three to a certain extent. My current house, the third one, is going to be the biggest renovation yet. I am having a bit too much fun destroying drywall.

I love nature, traveling, and taking photographs of both. I help rescue animals, and two rescue cats and basset hound currently occupy my couch. I am curious about pretty much everything. Also, my sarcasm knows no end.

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  1. I am Civil Engineering student studying towards a masters degree at The University of Glasgow. As part of my dissertation I am trying to research the steel space frame canopy that covers Fremont Street in Las Vegas. My interest is only in how the roof is supported not the actual viva screen. I am particularly interested in the structural make up of the supporting columns, their connecting to the canopy and information regarding the foundations. I am hoping to find some resources to help me find some more specific structural information regarding this, I was wondering you would be able to direct me to any online sources, text books or journals which have investigated this structure. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direct with regards to this as I see you have looked at this from an engineering point on view on your website. Thanks in advance for any response.

  2. Found you via twitter as you were counting today on the W&OD. Wondering what kind of camera you use. I live across the run from you in S Arlington.(I figured that out by the Arlington County waste yard pictures)

    • Funny you should ask me about my camera. I have an Olympus e-500 that I plan replace in the next week or two with a Canon EOS of some type. My current camera is old and having serious focus issues, and I just plain need a better camera for the type of photography I like to do. By the way, I do live in south Arlington, but the photos from the waste yard tour was a tour given to members of Arlingtons for a Clean Environment, which was really neat.

  3. So we are the almost the same except I have no degree (at least not yet), never owned a house (and don’t really want to bc maintenance is a killer) and I’m black (assuming you’re not for some horribly stupid and stereotypical reason). Nice to meet you.

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